HackJam – 2nd February 2016

Home Brewing

This evening was busy with content. 1. RedBear We had the team from RedBear coming up to deliver to our members who joined their kickstarter their ReadBear Duo and some individual gift. 2. Home-brewing Then we move on with Ollow Swan from Beijing on ‘Home-brewing’. Ollow refresh our memory on what is beer, what it […]

Maker Monday! – 1st February 2016


We started Maker Monday, this year after a long hiatus. Our spontaneous steadfast itinerary in the spirit of making included: Open Source Laser cutting, LCD Dim Sum Labs badge (part of our on-going wearable technology), MPD rocket and routing the remaining half of the lights in the labs with wifi-enabled RGB LEDs. Notable traveling visitor […]

HackJam – 19th January 2016


David Lanzendörfer gave a talk about a new type of propulsion system that will hopefully one day revolutionize space travel called: ‘the magnetoplasmadynamic thruster (MPD) rocket’ – which he has been developing for about 7 years. Former astronaut Chang Diaz is an early pioneer and has been developing MPD rockets since 1977 such as the […]

Soldering Workshop – January 23rd 2016


Mostly covered up by pretty cases, virtually all of today’s technology depends on some kind of electric circuitry. In our soldering workshop we decrease the distance between the participant and the circuit. You connect the dots. You bring life to the board. 儘管大多都包著漂亮的外殼,今時今日的科技都依賴著某種電力的流動。在我們焊接工作坊中,我們拉近參加者和電路,你連繫著的不單是一個個點,而是生活的每個連接。 Thanks to RS Components (HK) for sponsoring! Workshop fee + electronic components: 100 […]

DSL Junior Makers – electronics workshops for kids


In October we started with a series of electronics workshops for kids. We had a group of 4 kids aged 8-10 and introduced them to electronics and Arduino, by building simple projects connecting components on a breadboard. They built the projects by themselves, based on a drawing showing the connections. We learned about batteries, LEDs, […]