HackJam – Special Guests Ben Goertzel and David Hanson


Ben Goertzel is really into singularity (http://wp.goertzel.org/), while David Hanson is known for all things robotic (http://www.hansonrobotics.com/). First up is our little chat with Ben – read on for more. Get to know more by stopping by HackJam this Tuesday ! Ben Goertzel >>>>> What were your very first making/hacking moments ? As a kid […]

Arduino Day @DSL, 29 March 2014


Arduino, our favourite open source electronics prototyping platform, is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Arduino Day is a worldwide event on Saturday 29 March 2014 bringing together Arduino people and projects. Dimsum Labs will host 2 sessions.

A makers’ night


Some people say there's not enough making going on at Dim Sum Labs. To which we say, 我隻氣墊船裝滿晒鱔. Whatever, this was rectified like a diode tonight at a little make-a-thon for the WaveJT LED toy, kits for which were gifted us by the community at SZDIY. Here is a photo of two delicious members and one somewhat […]



Back in December, members of Shenzhen's hackerspace, Chaihuo, and the SZDIY community, visited Dim Sum Labs and awesomely came bearing gifts. We got 10 complete kits for the Color Changing Night Joule Thief and 10 for the WaveJT LED Chaser. They also left us with a few PCBs for the LoL Shield (http://jimmieprodgers.com/kits/lolshield/), an Arduino […]

Crypto/privacy night at DSL


A busy Dim Sum Labs for Luis Felipe Murillo's crypto/privacy night. Thanks to Franta and Gniibe for the talks and Luis Felipe for organizing! One thing I (//tom, who feels the Dreamcast was sorely underrated) feel obliged to point out is that Gniibe is literally the guy that made Linux on DC! SO AWESOME to welcome him […]