B.E.D. – September 5th 2015

B.E.D. 5th September 2015

Today we clean up the entropy pool that had accumulated in the corner to the right of the door. It’s all tucked away neatly now in boxes labelled by broad category, eg Power Cables, Radio Stuff, Wires etc. If you look for any item, you should probably check those boxes, and if you want to […]

HackJam – August 25th 2015

Quadcopter at Dim Sum Labs

Quadcopter After an extremely short flight, Andy shared his knowledge on Quad-copters, the options to add-on such as GPS, camera, and not forgetting the functionalities of the firmware installed on the copter. Functionalities such as what the copter should do when it is out of range, low in battery, etc … making the difference between […]

HackJam – August 18th 2015

Broken Air-Conditioner

Here some of what happen last week HackJam. Air-Conditioner Last week after a brain storming with few people on the basics of how an Air-Conditioner unit should work, we, this week, put the Air Conditioner down to check what was the cause of the problem. We determine that the current was not reaching the unique […]