Finding Us

This walk should take 5 MINUTES

  1. Take the MTR BLUE line to Sheung Wan station
  2. Go to Exit A2. Leave the MTR Exit turning right
  3. Proceed downhill to first corner. You should be at Wing Lok & Hillier
  4. Continue over Hillier Street to Wing Lok & Cleverly
  5. Turn Left onto Cleverly. Proceed three blocks to Cleverly & Jervois
  6. On Cleverly at Jervois, the Holiday Inn Express Hotel should be on your Left
  7. We are opposite the Holiday Inn Express entrance at 100 Jervois in the Kong Ling Building
  8. Find us on the 14th Floor

Here’s what the entrance to the building looks like:

Entrance of Dim Sum Labs in Kong Ling Building

3 Replies to “Finding Us”

    1. Hi Lake,

      please feel free to come any Tuesday at 8pm to our weekly hackjam event.


  1. Is there anyone on DSL on Saturday, May 16? I’m spending a few hours in Hong Kong and I’d like very much to visit DSL. I’m a maker from Brazil and I already visited hackerspaces & makerspaces in Brazil and in the US.

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