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Soldering Saturdays

Learn how to solder!  Create some open source hardware!  We’ll teach you to sling rosin and make great joints so that all your projects are well connected and able push electrons with ease.  This will be the first of a regularly occurring "Soldering Saturdays" event hosted by DSL's Denis Tsoi, who says:  "I'm coming into… More …

Lockpicking 101

This is a hands-on workshop that includes approximately ninety minutes of instructor-led lecture followed by a ninety minute participant-led workshop, including the history and development of pin-tumbler locks, a full breakdown of how a pin-tumbler lock works, introduction and tutorial regarding what pick tools are used for as well as a slew of videos on… More …


HackJam is a community of hackers, artists, techies and the generally curious who share ideas and collaborate to "hack" things.  We meet every Tuesday night between 8pm and 10pm at Dim Sum Labs.  We like to "jam" – contributing each of our own skills to jointly improvise a creative solution….(click below to read more)   As reflected… More …

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