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Category Archives: B.E.D.

B.E.D. – September 5th 2015

B.E.D. – September 5th 2015

Today we clean up the entropy pool that had accumulated in the corner to the right of the door. It’s all tucked away neatly now in boxes labelled by broad category, eg Power Cables, Radio Stuff, Wires etc. If you look for any item, you should probably check those boxes, and if you want to… More …

Saturdays declared Bao Enrichment Days – B.E.D.

Saturdays declared Bao Enrichment Days – B.E.D.

In order to grow the community, work on the lab, contribute to shared projects, to, in general “enrich the Bao“, Saturdays have been officially declared Bao Enrichment Days (B.E.D). As Tuesday’s Hackjam serves as an occasion to show and tell, Saturday’s Bao Enrichment Day is supposed to serve as a day where members and interested outsiders… More …

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