Bamboo & Banyans: Site visit – 2023-03-25

On a Saturday morning, we met at Mui Wo Ferry Pier. It was just two of us. Another hacker wanted to join. Unfortunately, he went to the wrong pier. Saturday morning’s are not the most convenient times to meet, but we had to take what we get. The site is nearby private land, and coordination with the owner was required.

Ciara pointed out that the house was probably built by illegal immigrants who were hiding in the hills. Locals would prefer to live closer to the sea, or in boats. The original walls, possibly made of bricks, are gone. Only the columns and the floor remain. For a living building, the suggestion by Ciara is to plant banyans next to the columns. Alternatively, one could build a bamboo roof and plant on that. To help the aerial roots, it would be good to break the concrete floor somehow, maybe drill holes into it.

We analyzed growth and the animals around. Right next to the site is a big double leaf fig tree. The plant growing in the cracks of the wall typically grows on ruins in Hong Kong accoring to Ciara.

On our way back, we discovered a life form that we couldn’t identify, little red cones on a leaf. That was close to where we ran into Jenny. She is the founder of Ark Eden and has been thinking about building a living house at the site already for years. When we approached the pier, we were greeted by heavy rainfall from a thunderstrom. After all, it was good to visit in the morning.