Creating your own VPN w/ n3n – by Hamish

Our member emeritus, Hamish Coleman – still very active even when he is not in Hong Kong – came back for a quick visit. We welcomed him. Not only we have a great opportunity to hear about the project that he’s been working on for years and used by thousands – n3n (and its predecessor, n2n), but we also heard why he thinks Dim Sum Labs is so great for him and many like him in Hong Kong

See the talk on YouTube here:

n3n – Peer to Peer VPN

With n3n, you can create a virtual local-area-network (LAN) but across the internet. It’s different from typical VPNs as it is peer-to-peer and decentralized. This is perfect for re-creating say a LAN gaming party! Because one of the main use cases for this is to run old games, the technology requirements include being able to run on old Windows (i.e. Windows XP).

Hamish also shared the reason why he decided to fork n2n into n3n. The owner of n2n has decided to change the license and required Hamish to agree to new terms as a (non-paid) contributor. He did not agree, but he wanted to keep working on it. The decision is to fork the codebase, so he can continue his work unencumbered.

For more information, visit n3n’s Github page:, and watch the full talk above

Much Love to Dim Sum Labs

In the beginning of the talk, Hamish made a great introduction to Dim Sum Labs to new folks. We really liked how he talked about the reasons why Dim Sum Labs is good for him. To him, it’s important to have a garage where one can tinker and work on projects. But this is simply impossible in Hong Kong, where the great majority of people live in flats in high rises. Dim Sum Labs is the garage for him and for many of us.

It’s great to have members like Hamish who move away from Hong Kong come back and share thoughts. We thank him for bringing his hacker ethos and helping to reinvigorate the space.

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