Dim Sum Labs as a Co-Working Space …

Dim Sum Labs has been mentioned among the 5 best Hong Kong Coworking space by coworker.com.

In the past a lots of its members used the space as a place to start-up their respective businesses. Most of them still members have their own offices.

We do have a lot of space to offer during the day time as most of us have our own day job, and the space is available for the takers (membership for 1 month = 700HKD, for 1 week = 300HKD).

We see ourselves more as a community than a business running a co-working space. During our Tuesdays evening the open night, ‘HackJam‘, is a time to exchange ideas on our individual projects with other members and/or visitors from other hacker-space/maker-space or just a curious person like you, wnating to know what we could offer them in term of equipment or learning experiences.

We are running a few workshops mostly during evenings and sometimes on weekend so our members can spread their knowledge among you and other members. As a few example, there is: Arduino, Git, Laser Cutter, …

At the current time we have one project available for members only, which is the construction of a Robot. We are learning week after week the basic of programming on an ESP32, the CPU of our robot. If you are interested you can follow the progress on our dsl-Robot2018 GitHub page

On a final note, you will be able to find us at the next Hong Kong Maker Faire on the 7th & 8th of July 2018. We will propose there some Arduino workshop and some Soldering workshop.


Hope to see you soon on a Tuesday evening or at the Maker Faire …

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