Get radioactive! Impressions from the first Uranium Marble Ring Oscillator Pendant workshop

In true Half Life spirit (get it? 😉 ), Dimsumlabs hosted the first ever Uranium Marble Ring Oscillator Pendant workshop. As a first step, participants were forced to unleash their inner copper thieves and harvest the raw material required for both structural integrity and circuit design. Following a quick detour into the arts and sciences of braiding, weaving, twisting and coiling copper strands, the long journey of mass soldering components began. A mere 8-ish hours of frustrating failed solder spots, overheated LEDs and various small burns and cuts to fingers arms and other extremities, every participant could managed to leave as the owner of a working Uranium Marble Ring Oscillator Pendant — and flaunt it proudly on their way to the MTR. If you want to get your own inner nuclear power on*, watch out for future workshop announcements.

In the following a few impressions.

*For those scared by the word “uranium”, rest assured, there is no danger to the wearer of this pendant whatsoever. We just need the faint traces of uranium for it’s UV-fluorescent nature. But don’t simply take my word for it, here’s the SCIENCE!

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