Good things to come in the next few weeks

In the coming weeks, the members at Dim Sum Labs will make some workshop on the following subjects. We will post the exact time of these events on our social media platform:

For the workshop, not in a chronological order:

  1. Good things to come ...Kernel Worshop
    Let’s have LED(s) blink on a Raspberry Pi with a kernel module …
  2. Photogammetry Workshop
    This will be an introduction to 3D Scanning by the means of taking multiple pictures with any camera and convert them into a 3D object.
  3. MaxMSP Workshop
    Exploring the creative potential of a graphical programming environment for building interactive, real-time music and multimedia applications. Connect everything to everything with MaxMSP within minutes
  4. Creative ML Workshop

  5. Bash Workshop
  6. Code Golfing Workshop
    Want to code? But don’t want to write long scripts? Come on down to our code golfing course!
  7. FreeCAD Workshop
  8. PCB Design Workshop
  9. Roof Top Party
    The Rooftop Party is designed to have liason with party people and Dim Sum Labs. The initial effort is to provide rooftop space on a once a month basis to have people relax, have drinks, …

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