Hackjam 14th January 2020 – Air Quality

Sorry, no valid sensors :(

Today I installed the Air Quality sensor at the Lab. You may have noticed the widget on the right side of the page showing you the important values for Air Quality.
It is constructed around a D1-mini (ESP8266) and connected to an SDS011 and a BME280. It measures the following values:

All these values are send every 150 seconds to 2 websites where anybody can view them.

We are working a making a workshop to make it accessible to anyone who wants it. Stay tune for more news on the matter soon.

3 Replies to “Hackjam 14th January 2020 – Air Quality”

  1. What great timing on this – we might be able to look at the data and see when the factories all shut down in Shenzhen

    1. The details are provided by the sensor that you use, if you need more details on weather, you would need to include more sensor to the microcontroller

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