HackJam – August 25th 2015


After an extremely short flight, Andy shared his knowledge on Quad-copters, the options to add-on such as GPS, camera, and not forgetting the functionalities of the firmware installed on the copter. Functionalities such as what the copter should do when it is out of range, low in battery, etc … making the difference between a copter getting back home with you or lost in the wilderness …


Logo language + Arduino

Turtle Logo Language
Turtle Logo Language

Some of the oldest of the group might remember from school learning the Logo language, which is a programming language used for functional programming and is used for generating basic shapes using a turtle cursor. Brian give a few of us a short preview on the porting of this language to an Arduino board, making flashing, coloring LED light easy as pie, accessible from the age of 7 (so most of us would be able to play with it). Brian will a the near future make a presentation on this port of Logo to Arduino.

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