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Join usMost people are introduced to the Dim Sum Labs by attending one of the many “open nights” that our various Special Interest Groups organize. We invite members of the public to attend “open night” events as often as they want and to stay for as long as they want. But many regular attendees eventually want to DO something or MAKE something of their own that falls outside of our programmed events. We invite such people to becoming a Dim Sum Labs Member. Joining the Dim Sum Labs as a Member is designed to be easy. We have tried our best to make it a great value-for-money deal – Whenever anyone joins we do our best to make sure they get a warm welcome, access to the venue* and the right to attend ANY of our hosted group events**.


Full Member

This is the default membership for Dim Sum Labs

  • 1 year
  • Automatically renewed
  • 30 days termination notice required


  • 24/7 access to the facility
  • Listing in our member database
  • Voting rights


  • 700.00 HKD per month
  • 8’400.00 HKD per year payable at the beginning of the year


Sponsored Member

Sponsored memberships are available to individuals who want to participate with Dim Sum Labs but who cannot, for whatever reason, afford to pay our full fee at the present time. This program was primarily designed for students. They must present a valid student ID card to be able to get it.

Honorary Member

This membership is intended for Celebrities, Notables and other Special Cases

*Access depends on membership tier.
**Certain event-specific and/or group-specific surcharges may apply.  This is set by the groups in question.



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