Project 2019 – Spider Robot

This spider robot will be run from a Raspberry Pi 3 B / B+, and an Arduino UNO. The Spider will be able to sense its environment and make decision by itself to return home to recharge its battery, explore the new part of the house or outdoor without having to repeat the same path every single time.

There are 2 16-ports PWN driver motor boards to allow to manage the multitude of Servo motors for this robot:

  • 24 to move the 3 limbs of each of the eight legs,
  • 3 for the gimbal holding the front camera.

On the side of sensors it will be equipped with

  • Pi Noir camera because it is not human,
  • GPS to position itself while exploring the wild outside world,
  • Ultrasound sensor to avoid to bump into close objects,
  • Gravitational sensor to help its positioning in-door and be able to determine if it had been picked-up and place elsewhere ,
  • A couple of 6-axis accelorometer to determine where it stand, allow to stabilize the front camera to the body position,
  • light sensor when it’s time to wake-up and resume exploration 🙂
  • Temperature, pressure, humidity sensor to know if the weather is good for a wild outdoor exploration

The project has already started, but you are always welcome to join the existing team. Use the form at the bottom of this article.

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