Quick guide to DimSumLabs’ Github

I needed to upload my code for “Chef”, the newly wall-mounted internet connected LED matrix scroller at DimSumLabs (see picture), so that other people can hack it. We have a github account. I’m not a professional or social coder, so I am unfamiliar with git. Here’s what I did to get the code online, for quick reference – I hope others can put their code up too.



1. Get a github account
2. Request access to the DimSumLabs github.
3. At github.com, create a new repository with owner DimSumLabs. Select the “Initialize with a README” checkbox.
4. Note the address of the repository, i.e. https://github.com/dimsumlabs/[name]
5. Open Git Bash (on my Win7x64 machine) and cd to the directory with my Arduino source code.
6. “git init”
7. “git add [filename.ino]” (or, if you have directories with libraries, “git add [directoryname]”)
8. “git commit -m ‘[Comment on commit]’

9. “git remote add origin https://github.com/dimsumlabs/[name]”

10. “git pull origin master” (this downloads the README.md file to the local directory, so you are sync’d)

11. “git push origin master” (this then sync’s the local dir with the remote dir, so the [filename.ino] is uploaded.)

12. You’ll be asked for your github user/pass at this point.


Done! If you’re adding more files to the local project, don’t forget to do another “git commit” to include them.


If any of the more gitliterate members want to add more info, or rubbish this for being a hack-y bad practice dummies guide, please do in the comments.

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