Robot – Characteristics

Bamboo basket

This will be the casing of the base of the Dim Sum Labs Robot or D.S.L.R. for short. Like for Dim Sum, the robot will have in the future further layers made of the same stack-able bamboo basket. Each layer will have it own functionality.

The robot will be controlled by a person via a mobile phone and its two primarily functionalities will be:

  • To move across a floor / flat surface
    • Two independent back driving wheels
    • Front wheel will not turn right nor left
    • While moving backward the robot will emit a beeping sound as per the laws in Hong Kong
  • To avoid bumping into obstacles
    • Proximity sensors will be located at the front and back of the robot
    • The Robot will override the user control
    • The Robot will complain when the user try to bump obstacles repetitively

On Saturday the 2nd of December, we will go to Hua Qiang Bei electronic market in Shenzhen to purchase the parts that we need for the robot

The robot will have on its undercarriage a strip of RGB LED that will light-up with colors based on different events.

Equipment that we will need for the robot:

  • x1 Arduino with Wi-Fi on-board
  • x2 Phone batteries or similar in 3.7V
  • x1 Boost board to boost the power from 3.7V to 5V
  • x1 Recharge board to easily recharge the battery
  • x1 Breadboard / PCB board
  • x3 Wheels / rubber tires
  • x2 Motors
  • x2 Ultrasonic sensors
  • x1 Piezo
  • x1 strip of RGB LED
  • Cables

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