Workshop: Arduino continued


This workshop is for people with basic knowledge of Arduino or does have attended our Introduction to Arduino previously.

Arduino continued by Dim Sum LabsYou will continue your adventures with Arduino. If you have joined one of our hands-on introduction workshops and want to dig a bit deeper into using libraries and writing Arduino code, this workshop will show you how to use an LCD screen, a temperature and humidity sensor, and general coding tips.

Note: if you haven’t taken our Arduino intro workshop but you are familiar with the basics, you’re welcome to join of course. For reference, the intro workshop is based on these slides:


What you need to bring

  • Laptop with Arduino IDE software,
  • Your Arduino-style board and breadboard (from the previous workshop)




    Important Information

    • Fee is HKD 250 including the new components (LCD 16×2, DHT11 and various bits and pieces)
    • Bring your own Arduino board
    • Date:   16th of August 2018
    • Time:   19:30 till 21:30


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