We are Hong Kong’s first hackerspace. Since 2011, we provide a space for creative, inquisitive and playful minds to hack the universe.

Like every other space on planet earth where people gather, our hackerspace has struggled to make ends meet during the pandemic. Our membership plummeted. Our income from organising events in the space dried up completely.

Thanks to the generosity of a small number of members, Dim Sum Labs managed to survive. It is amazing that we have managed to keep the space for more than ten years. It is an oasis for you, technologists, artists and friends to gather, make and show your projects. We don’t want to lose it, and we need your help.

Our landlord is increasing our rent in July. We have no reserves to cushion this blow.

We call on the generosity of the wider Dim Sum Labs community to help absorb the increased rent, or to fund moving to more affordable premises.

If you’ve got some spare cash to help a struggling hackerspace, this is your chance.

The easiest way to donate is through GitHub:

FPS and bank transfers also gratefully accepted, reply for details.

Monthly donations of HK$700+ (HK$300+ for students) entitle you to a Dim Sum Labs membership. Members have 24×7 access to the space and all the tools and toys within. Use the space to work on your projects, use our machines (3D printers, metal working, electronics,…), or organise your own events.