HackJam Highlights: 2013-04-24

HackJam 2013-04-24 was a great success.  The room was packed with people working on projects, demonstrating nearly finished projects, receiving products and visiting from overseas.  There wasn’t an empty seat!



Makibox (in the form of Jon Buford) was in the house, delivering some freshly manufactured units to members who have been eagerly awaiting their units.  It was worth the wait.  The new units are beautiful and Jon took time to help his customers get familiar with their new 3D printers, calibrate and test them.  

JB Kim, A visitor from New Jersey (along with his lovely wife), was kind enough to demonstrate his upcoming product, monbaby, which uses a very small accelerometer to measure and monitor infant movements (particularly sleep movements).  His device can tell when a baby is Up, Down, Moving…the device is so sensitive you can even tell when the baby is breathing.


Graham Leach was on WEEK 03 of trying to troubleshoot and ressurect our (currently) non-functional RepRap Prusa Mendel printer, which is turning into something resembling a Quixotic effort…but he remains optimistic, even in the presence of the mighty Makibox lineup!



Andy Kong was playing with his Leap Motion, interface gear, showing everyone (once again) just how far ahead of the curve one man can get whe sufficiently intelligent, interested and motivated.  Last week it was the Kinect and operating software by waving his hands.

Paul Sykes spent the evening calibrating his new Makibox, using a business card to ensure that his “hot end” was a uniform distance from his “heated bed”…and in an office setting, no less!

Hugh Whitehill, came, saw and JOINED ON THE SPOT!  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Hugh, THANK YOU and welcome to the group!  We’re looking forward to hearing much more from you about your “Arduino Adventures”, especially in the RF area!

Alexander List was on scene, accepting money as Treasurer, facilitating WiFi hookups and being generally helpful – as he always is.

Data was at hand, accepting his new Makibox and lending a word to the discussion when needed.

It was a great night!  Packed and full of energy!

We hope to see everyone again, familiar and new faces next Tuesday at 8PM at HackJam

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