Hua Qiang Bei – Interest List

As mentioned last week, we are going on the 5th of May to Hua Qiang Bei to discover the World biggest electronic market.

You are welcome to join. To check the details go there : Hua Qiang Bei – Market Discovery

So far our list of interest for the visit of the market will be primarily on:

  1. Components / Parts
    1. Buttons
    2. SMD Packs
    3. Proximity Sensor
      1. Time of flight sensor
    4. Motors / Actuators
      1. Motor Driver board
    5. Limit Switches
    6. Batteries
    7. Solar Panel
  2. Equipment
    1. DVM
    2. Oscilloscope
    3. Soldering Iron TS-100
    4. 3D Printer
  3. Development Board / Similar
    1. ESP8266 / ESP32
    2. Raspberry Pi 3B+
    3. Wearable Electronics
      1. string of lights
      2. Conductive Heater Fabric
      3. Conductive ink
    4. Robot wheel platform


If you have similar interest,

come join us on the 5th of May


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