Made at DSL: Auduino 4-step sequencer

The traditional Arduino boards, with 8 bits at 16MHz are quite limited for sound processing, but the Auduino code, a ‘lo-fi granular synthesizer’, does generate an interesting sound. I combined this with a 4-step sequencer to produce some loops. Each red pot controls the pitch of its step (pentatonic scale).


As the Arduino UNO only has 6 analog inputs, and i also needed one for the tempo, i had only 1 left for effect, so i had to pick one of the 4 original Auduino effects and use presets for the other 3.


I used the DSL laser cutter to make a box out of 3mm MDF. The outline of the panels was generated using Inkscape, with an extension for laser cut tabbed boxes.

In the above prototype i used an Arduino Nano, which actually has 8 analog inputs available, so i could have added 2 more effects.

I added a volume pot before the signal enters a small 2W amplifier and speaker, and a 3.5mm jack plug.

More details, code, and video with sound here.

My group of DSL Junior Makers also made this project, soldering the custom PCB, the potentiometers on the front panel and putting the box together, well done girls!


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