Microwave Festival: Soldering Workshop and Spaghetti Bridge Competition – 12th November – 17th November

Microwave Festival

Dim Sum Labs was at this year’s Microwave Festival that opened on the 12th November – 17th November at Hong Kong’s City Hall, including exhibits by: MakerBay, Nicholas Hanna and many others. The ‘Wifi shredder’ exhibit was one of the main highlights at the festival featured by Dim Sum Labs – displaying electronic information from surroundings and later disseminated by a dot matrix printer; the information collected was then fed to a shredding machine.

The main goal was to attract interest in the installation and fuse a method of collecting information, displaying it and then manually deleting it. The objective of the exhibit was to show how vulnerable private information can be and how easily it can be exposed – translated into art.

IMG_1347    IMG_1350                                                                                                                                                                   Immediately from the opening of the exhibit we had huge crowds turn up at the booth taking awe at the printer suspended from the ceiling – leaving an aftermath of shredded paper – like a snowstorm on Christmas day (the remaining papers were sent for recycling!).


On display also was Wilheim’s Uranium Marble Ring Oscillator Pendant and The Haptic Compass Belt (sensory substitute/enhancement) that is sensitive to the north direction –giving you a 360°, “6th sense” awareness without the aid of an actual compass.

The Laser Microscope designed by Manolis, accompanying 3D printing design was also on display highlighting microbials amplified by laser magnification.

Bullit Bourbon featured her Rafka.Lamp an DIY distillery, made from custom designed and fabricated metal – separating elements and purifying anything from oils, alcohol and even seawater. Bullit based her design on arabesque techniques having historical relevance and homage to a patron saint.

Bourbon Bullit    IMG_1383

Dim Sum Labs 3D food printer was on hand to showcase some of our chocolate printed cookies!


Soldering Workshop

The soldering workshop was huge success with Dim Sum Labs helping out in getting kids to solder; as well adults and in the process assemble a custom built LED badge that they could take home – complete with: printed circuit board, buttons, LED (colors: red, white, blue and orange), and resistor.

SONY DSC    Soldering Workshop Team Dim Sum Labs



Spaghetti Bridge Competition

Like a scene out of a duel from the times of the renaissance, we coalesced together to form teams to face-off in what is known as the spaghetti bridge competition. The rules were to construct a bridge half a meter wide and would be able to take on a weight of a bucket and water that would be poured into it. The team that can hold the most amount of water wins!

Lio and Manolis were our judges and commentators. Armed with a bunch of spaghetti, a glue gun and our imagination we started off with 2 hours. The winning team got a cash rebate (worth $1’000) to dine at the exclusive Il Moro restaurant, a proud sponsor – many thanks also to RS Components.

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