Presentation: Foreshadow Vulnerability Explained

  Date / Time : Tuesday, August 21, 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM During this week’s Hackjam, we’ll have a brief overview and discussion about the recent “foreshadow” intel CPU vulnerability – what is it, how’s it being exploited and how can you protect yourself. Attendance is free, donations appreciated.

Project: Dim Sum Robot #2

MicroPython logo

Today we regroup our research on how to flash the MicroPython onto our individual ESP32. Most of us are using computers with Linux installed on it, so the following information is more intended toward this type of configuration rather than a computer running on Windows or IOS. To flash the bin file of the MicroPython …

Project: Dim Sum Robot #1

Bamboo basket

We are rebooting the Dim Sum Robot project with a new head-master Today, we start by exploring the basic design and core functions of our Dim Sum Robot, in order to take a decision on the hardware to use for this project.   Basic Design   CPU Looking at CPU available and their characteristics to …

DimSumLabs’ member at FOSSASIA 2018 Singapore

FOSSASIA Hamish DimSumLabs

This talk will take you through some tools and techniques Hamish (member of DimSumLabs) used to reverse engineer the keyboard controller in his Thinkpad x230 laptop. He was driven to start this project when the laptops currently on sale just did not meet his requirements. Even the durable Thinkpad laptops he preferred in the past are …

Spectre & Meltdown Explained


A serious weakness has been found on CPU and the way they manage information, allowing software to steal information processed by the computer. It does not matter whether you are running Linux, MacOS, windows and any other platform. Your CPU is the problem. Want to know more and how to prevent, secure yourself if possible? …