Project: Dim Sum Robot #2

Today we regroup our research on how to flash the MicroPython onto our individual ESP32.

Most of us are using computers with Linux installed on it, so the following information is more intended toward this type of configuration rather than a computer running on Windows or IOS.

  • To flash the bin file of the MicroPython onto our CPU we will be using: esptool
  • To enter commands, configure the CPU (ESP32 & ESP8266) we use picocom

Once we all install the required software to flash and then connect to our CPU, we dive a bit in the basic programming skill required to set the WiFi connection in order to use a sort of VNC called WebRepl to input command into the ESP32, send or retrieve to/from the ESP32.

We learned about defining a function, variables, working with arrays, simple mathematics either by programming or direct at the prompt, …


Homework for next week

  • Create a function that connect onto WiFi
  • Bonus points if the function is automatically started at every boot
  • Extra Bonus points if the function allow the ESP to connect on our home WiFi and Dim Sum Labs WiFi automatically

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