Artistic PCB Design for Terrified Beginners

Some pictures of the event:

You will learn how to design a circuit board (PCB) that looks like a piece of art. Pictured is a board in the shape of a cat. The cat’s eyes light up with LEDs. You can bring your own photo or drawing and turn it into a PCB. No prior knowledge in electronics is necessary. This workshop is for everybody!

Details by Kliment, our tutor

This is Artistic PCB Design for Terrified Beginners. I’ll show you how to go from graphical art (drawing, sketch, photo) to a PCB layout that looks somewhat like it. It’s meant for people who are on one side of the art/electronics divide and would like a bridge to the other one. We will start with a drawing and a schematic, and end up with a set of files that can be sent to a PCB factory for manufacture. The schematic will be a simple Shitty Add-On (SAO) compatible with various event badges you may have. No prior knowledge is needed.

The workshop will start with a video introduction (about 1 hour) and then we’ll spend about two hours making boards – you will each make a board design, and I will help you when you get stuck. In the end, you will have a board you can send to a PCB manufacturer for production.


  • Working installation of: Kicad 5.1.7, Krita, Inkscape
  • A picture, photo, or drawing you want to turn into a PCB (optional, you can also use the materials I use in my examples)

About me

I’m Kliment. I’ve been teaching people to not be afraid of surface mount electronics prototyping for several years at various events in Europe in workshops titled Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners. I do electronics design and prototyping for a living. I do electronics design and prototyping for fun. I like cats.

Day • Time • Fee

Day: 24 October 2020
Place: Dim Sum Labs, 100 Jervois Street, 14th Floor, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Timing: 15:00 – 18:00
Fee: 100 HKD to cover venue rental and tutor (payable on the day)

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