Workshop: Introduction to Inkscape and the Laser Cutter

Aim of the workshop

  • The first aim is to introduce to you the use of the software Inkscape, a free open-source software, available for all platforms (Linux, Mac and Windows). The software is similar in use and functionality to other may be more well known software such as CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.
  • The second is to let you preview what can be done with some hard wood and a laser cutter … making the previously hard sheet of wood bendable.

In this workshop we will go for the simple or king version of the box and the decoration of both sides.


Important Information:

  • The workshop will be on Saturday the 28th of July at 2:00pm at Dim Sum Labs.
  • The fee for the workshop is 200.00HKD per participant (Dim Sum Labs’ members have a 50% discount)
  • The workshop is Kid Friendly
  • You need to bring your own notebook
  • In order to attend the workshop, please fill up the form below with your name, email and number of participant(s).
  • We will only accept the first 8 people who register


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