Workshop: TV-B-Gone (Postponed due to illness)

Having to share your partner during a meal with her/his favorite soccer team, is not the way to go. One click and your partner will be free of the distraction and can pay all his/her attention back to you 🙂


Then come solder one TV-B-Gone at Dim Sum Labs on the 6th of March 2019. It is very easy. You never held a soldering iron, we will teach you

Bring yourself and some cash for the workshop,
Entry fee for 1 set of TV-B-Gone: 150HKD

You want to know more about the TV-B-Gone, visit its site:


  • Can I bring a guest? They don’t have meetup.
    • Yes you can, but just know that we are limited by the number of seats at the tables
  • Can my child participate?
    • If you child is capable of handling a soldering iron on her/his own then yes. Otherwise you will have to do the soldering by yourself.
  • If my child solder his/her own kit, should I pay x1 or x2?
    • You pay by the number of kit you are soldering. So if you and your kid are soldering 1 kit, then you pay x1 kit.
  • Where can I test it
    • Any place where they are TV on display, bars, restaurants, shops, your home, …

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