Dim Sum Labs Exhibit @ Hong Kong Maker Faire 2018

The event will be held on 7 and 8 July 2018 at Poly-U with a series of happenings, including exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations and performances.

Together we hope to promote “Maker Culture” to the general public, demonstrating creativity, inventiveness and resourcefulness.

Dim Sum Labs is oriented towards DIY electronics and low-level programming, often with circuits, robots, micro-controllers (especially the Arduino) and take on many other types of electrical and software projects.

Our exhibit will encourage others to enjoy making Do It Yourself electronics.

Come past our table, meet some members and talk about your own projects!

We will be running workshops for “Introduction to Arduino” and “Creating your own simple LED earrings”. See our separate meetup events or the HK Maker Faire website for details.

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