Project 2021- AI Physio Assistant

AI Physio Assistant is a project created by Kimberley Vanessa Cheung

This is a virtual physiotherapy assistant to help improve the posture and back pain of users. This project uses a deep learning technique that detects the position and orientation of a person while they are doing the exercises.  It leverages mediapipe and python to detect different poses from a webcam feed and render the results to the screen using OpenCV.

Different joint coordinates are extracted and joint angles are calculated. Voice assistants are made to guide people through their exercises.  Data analysis is also made  to offer tips to improve your posture and health.

To predict who is prone to poor posture and back pain and how to avoid it, prediction models  are created using:

  • Logistic Regression,
  • Random Forests,
  • KNN,
  • etc…

A heart rate sensor is also added  to monitor the heart rate of the users.

If you are interested to know more  about this project, please a comment below.

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  1. I actually have this exact problem and was thinking about a project like this (I’m rehabbing from a neck/back injury right now and going to physio 3-4 days a week here in HK) – doing physio exercises daily. Would be interested in learning more.

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