Take-apart Day – Exploring the insides of old technology!

Take-apart day

Date/Time: Sun 17 Feb, 2:00-5:00pm

We have some unwanted electronics cluttering our small Hong Kong Dim Sum Labs space. Let’s take them apart! Our electronic trash will provide hours of fun as we dig our way into the guts of machines together to see what’s inside and learn how they worked.

We have plenty of interesting technology to pull apart – but if you have something particular you want to bring, feel free.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Dim Sum Labs is a mainly adults hackspace full of tools, sharp things and dirt. Kids are welcome, but should be supervised by a parent or guardian. We suggest that kids any younger than 5 will be hard for their parents to supervise in the DSL space.

This is an open, free event hosted by Dim Sum Labs. Donations appreciated – and will be used to cover the cost of renting the space.

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